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Axé Engineering provides professional engineering consulting services to government agencies, prime consultants, and prime contractors. Our corporate and government experience lends understanding to  government agency’s limitations with regard to solicitation development.   With our proficiency in construction cost estimating using RSMeans, specification development using NASA’s SpecsIntact software, and AutoCAD Civil3D, we can  produce conceptual drawings for subcontractors to aid in their cost development for design build solicitations.  Our approach minimizes over complications and over simplifications by clarifying the information from the design build bid documents and putting it in a more accessible format for subcontractors.  This allows for an overall, more competitive and realistic bid.



As an emerging Indian Economic Enterprise, we are first and foremost community oriented.  our mission is to create jobs that  reinvest into our communities through sustainable environmental, infrastructure, and economic development projects. We focus on identifying client needs and connecting them to appropriate funding sources and opportunities. We support our clients from the conceptual planning to construction completion. Our project management approach to solving problems is based on effective scheduling, budgeting, communication and implementation.  Our lean processes give us the teaming capabilities to provide a modular solution for your project’s needs.

We look forward to providing you with more information on how we can collaborate.

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